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The UTK™ Puck is a two-part device that is utilized in the construction of pushing charges. It is made up of a 6" or 8" (15cm or 20cm) rubber disc and our proprietary UTK™ Gel. This combination makes it an extremely effective pushing charge that is highly portable, easy to build, lightweight, melt-free, and can be easily hung.

International Patent Protected UTK™ products are currently in use by special operations units and law enforcement around the globe with several successful operational breaches. On average, we are seeing a 2/3 reduction in N.E.W. by using this product.

UTK™ Puck - Covering


Every UTK™ Puck contains 330 rubber on one side and a patented proprietary tamping gel (UTK™ Gel) on the other.

Puck is designed as a disk to eliminate the possibility of sharp points tearing into the target, unlike rectangular charges and to give an even 360 degree disbursement of energy. It is 6” or 8” (15cm or 20cm) in diameter so it can easily fit into the cargo pocket of uniform pants.

UTK™ - Inner Piece

UTK™ Puck offers an extremely effective charge with considerably low N.E.W.

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