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Ultra-Tamping Kits

We have 20 years of tactical explosive breaching experience.
We have been doing research and developing the UTK™ (Ultra-Tamping Kit) product.

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What is Tamping:

The purpose of tamping is to effectively contain and distribute explosive energy in the blast hole. If tamping is not used, a great deal of blast energy is lost, resulting in a poor blast.

Why Tamp:

Tamping increases the effectiveness of the charge while reducing its net explosive weight. This has several positive effects, such as the reduction of overpressure, the reduction in possible damage to the surrounding area of the charge, and the reduction of the minimum safe distance (MSD) to the charge, just to name a few.

Traditionally, most tamping is done using water bags, IV bags, and cryo-packs. All of these methods are effective; however, they have several limitations. Water is heavy, and when used as a tamping agent, the charge becomes heavy, as well as difficult to handle and transport. Furthermore, this added weight and size make the charge more difficult to place, and on many occasions, it requires special adhesives and/or a prop stick to hold the charge in place. All of this added construction increases the amount of shrapnel and the possibility of injury and property damage. Once a water charge has been detonated, water tends to cover the breach point, creating a major slip hazard. Lastly, in cold weather conditions, water will freeze and, therefore, can't be used as a tamping agent.



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